This is why you need a PassionFlix subscription

Normally we would recommend that you grab a cup of your favourite hot beverage, but it is kinda hot outside right now, plus this won’t be one of our steamy, comment filled posts. However, that does not mean you should skip it. In fact, we highly recommend you read our reasons why you need a PassionFlix subscription.

What is PassionFlix?

For those of you who might not be aware, PassionFlix is a video streaming subscription service similar to Netflix, Hulu and the others. Also, before you start wondering as we are sure many did at some point or another, including us, no, this is not a porn streaming service. Just so you know, not that we are judging over here. Everyone to their own and all that.

The platform was created by Tosca Musk, yes, sister to Elon Musk and it provides a curated list or romantic movies plus a series of original productions. And it is the original productions that caught our attention.

Reasons why you need PassionFlix in your life

You might wonder why we are trying to get you hooked up on a new streaming service when you probably already feel like you are overpaying for all the others ones you cannot escape. Don’t worry, we are not trying to force anyone to do anything and we will try to not get as pushy as those cable people that keep calling to get you to purchase another add-on or whatever and increase your bill.

So while Netflix, Hulu and the others might offer lots of romantic movies and some (Netflix) also started adapting some of the romance/erotica books that were released in the past decade as part of the new wave of this genre, no one does it like PassionFlix (no pun intended).

PassionFlix Originals are the main reason you need to get a subscription to this service ASAP. These originals include adaptations of best-selling books from Alexandra Torre, Jodi Ellen Malpas and Sylvain Reynard. The list keeps growing and we cannot wait to see what the streaming service will release next.

Screenshot 2020-08-01 at 18.51.23

Photo credits: PassionFlix.

As mentioned above, PassionFlix got started on turning some of the bestselling romance books into movies. One such series that was lucky to get optioned is the famous Gabriel’s Inferno series by Sylvain Reynard. To be honest, we probably would have subscribed if this were the only movie on the platform. But it is not. The platform is filled with gems which we are going to let you discover by yourself.

Here is a sneak peak though.

Screenshot 2020-08-01 at 18.56.27

Photo credits: PassionFlix.

Also, a PassionFlix plan is significantly cheaper than a Netflix or Hulu one. Of course, the platform does not have as many options, but you can and maybe should pause your subscription from time to time. It’s fair after all. We do it, but we always go back as the platform is incredibly addicting and it gets our heart rates up or at least gives us more things to comment on and share with you on this platform.

Have fun! Okay, maybe not too much fun, but if you do then maybe be careful to lock the door (*wink). Things might get a bit streamy after all.

Are you a PassionFlix subscriber?

Subscribe here.

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