K-Drama Review: DoDoSolSolLaLaSol

Not that long ago I shared a post about the first ever Korean drama series I watched on Netflix. I ended up watching said series out of borden, however it turned out to be so good that I just had to try another one after finishing it. So this time I have chosen to watch DoDoSolSolLaLaSol.

The premise of the DoDoSolSolLaLaSol reminded me quite a bit of a Hallmark movie. I though the series would be a very nice, feel good, blue sky type of series. To an extent it was. There was an element of drama though, but that was to be expected.

Before we discuss specific aspects of the series, let me tell you a bit about the story. DoDoSolSolLaLaSol is the story of a young, piano graduate, heiress (Go Ra-Ra) whose life turns upside down in an instant. A tragedy occurs that changes her world forever. Having no other choice she if forced to learn how to adapt to her new circumstances and live life day by day without the constant support of her family. She tries for a while (does she really? personallY I think that not really, but I will await to see what you think) and fails miserably, however she has no other choice but try again and when an offer to visit a sea-side town is presented, she does not hesitate to embark on the new adventure together with her dog Mimi. The offer to visit the fictional town of Eunpo is presented to her by a social media follower that uses the handle DoDoSolSolLaLaSol.

Now this is where things get interesting.

First we have the unknown social media follower which us as viewers have a very clear idea of who that might be even though it does not make the most sense. It is that gut instinct put to good work. However, due to the many twists and turns in the plot, it is easy to start doubting the identity of Ra-Ra’s admirer. This is perhaps the most brilliant part of the show.

Another cute and also sort of interesting it was the recurring theme of the DoDoSolSolLaLaSol notes. They had a very special meaning to Go Ra-Ra and they seem to follow her wherever she goes. It was a cute aspect, but also one with deeper meaning and purpose. These notes actually played a role in connecting all plot lines, as we learnt towards the end of the series.

The story had a good premise and like I said above, there were some cute aspects, some very twisted plots which at some point became a tad absurd and some elements of drama. However, it seemed like the series was trying too hard and not trying hard enough at the same time. The rhythm just wasn’t there. While I did watch till the end as I wanted to see what would happen next, I was not nearly as invested as I was in Romance is a Bonus Book.

Also, while there were some takeaways, some stuff you can reflect on and learn from, it was not properly emphasised in the series. Some could claim that Ra-Ra went thought a transformation, that she became the person she should have been from the beginning, but did she really? I did not feel like the changes she underwent were not quite enough, that is not to say that some of the events she went though were not dramatic enough or that I did not feel for her. I am referring strictly to the character’s development, or at least I am trying to. Sure, Ra-Ra learnt to live on her own and to survive, but it still felt that despite all the dramatic events she went through, she still remained the same naive girl she was in the beginning. I guess the world does need people like her, people who maintain their enthusiasm and all that, but personally I struggled to connect to her. Some of the most ridiculous aspects of the plot did not help the situation either which brings me to the finale.

The ending was quite disappointing as well and I cannot believe I am actually saying this. This TV series had the ending that I wished I would have seen in some of the most drama filled series I ever watched over the years, some that I will deny I ever watched haha. However, here it just did not make sense. It was beyond absurd. As much as I disliked certain aspects of the series, the ending was just too much. I won’t spoil it for you here, but I will return with an article where we can comment on this topic alone. I need to vent about it!

Another disappointing bit for me was the fact that the person who would have been the big evil mastermind in basically every Latin soap opera and according to the ladies that Ra-Ra befriends, even in Korean ones, did not turn out to be an evil mastermind after all. Seriously? I guess it was way too predictable had it been that way. However with everything else that took on such a soap opera like tone, why not?

Well the drama aside, I did like the music.

While too soon to generalise, I noticed that K-dramas have great soundtracks but also put a lot of emphasis on general culture aspects and by that I mean literature, art, classic music. DoDoSolSolLaLaSol obviously revolved around music, but it also introduced me to some new classical pieces that I was actually unfamiliar with. The series wasn’t a waste of my time in the end.

Overall, this is a series that I do not necessarily regret watching, but one that I would not watch again. Yes, I still need to vent about the finale, but after that, I doubt I will think about the show again. It just wasn’t that memorable nor did it manage to get me invested enough in the life of the characters to make me want to revisit it or spend more time alongside them.

Available for streaming on Netflix.

Have you watched this k-drama series before?

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  1. kdramabinger says:

    I really hated the ending to this drama! Terrible, no idea what the writers were thinking!


    1. Same. Personally I had so many thoughts about it that I prepared a completely different article on it 😂 I felt like the series itself was not the best one to begin with and then that finale…. Argh.


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