Let’s talk: DoDoSolSolLaLaSol Finale

As promised, I am back to discuss some of the events that took place in the finale of the Korean TV series DoDoSolSolLaLaSol. It goes without saying that this article is filled with spoilers so unless you want to learn what is going on in the final episode, I recommend you turn away.

This article will not simply cover the events in the finale, but rather it will focus on my thoughts on what actually took place.

As we approach the final hour of the series we see Go Ra-Ra crying her eyes out because she learns that the male protagonist of the series had passed away and he did not even say goodbye. Once everyone involved finds out about Jun’s sudden demise, there is a 5 year time jump.

Okay, fine. Not every series needs to end on a good note. Jun had a huge impact on Ra-Ra’s life and helped her in ways in which we cannot expect someone to help. It was an upsetting development for sure. Not every story is a happily ever after, but that does not mean that Jun was less important to the story or that his life did not matter. Since there was a the huge time jump, I honestly hoped we would get to see Ra-Ra having moved on with her life, having built the piano academy that she envisioned and perhaps even having found happiness or a tentative happiness alongside a character that might just have been more suitable for her in my opinion and that is dr. Cha. I think that it would have been more realistic this way. Some of these things did happen which I am grateful for and I could have lived without Ra-Ra starting to date the good doctor, but shocker – it turned out that Jun did not actually die.


Not only are expected to believe that Jun is indeed the perfect mate for Ra-Ra after what he pulled off, but the event itself is very problematic. We wonder why some people spend their entire life waiting for their loved ones to come back to them, especially in situations where they did not get the chance to get any type of closure and can still hold onto hope. There are actually people in this world who hold on, who are afraid to move on just in case there was a mix-up, just in case their loved ones are somewhere out there wondering lost with amnesia or what not. It might sound absurd to many of you, but I assure you there are people like that out there and shows that depict scenes such as the one in DoDoSolSolLaLaSol really do not help matters. It is obviously not the only show or movie that presented something like this, but why continue with this narrative when it can be quite harmful?

Another thing that I do not like also related to the above events is that DoDoSolSolLaLaSol shows women that it is okay to just jump back into a relationship with someone who basically lied to them, who caused huge amounts of pain and grief over the course of several years. Jun is back so it is all good now, right? Wrong! While I was happy to see that Jun managed to overcome his illness and that he will have a chance at a long and normal life that he totally deserves, what he did is not okay. It does not matter that he wanted to spare Ra-Ra’s feelings, he still lied to her. It is also ridiculous how quickly everyone forgave Jun.

If you ask me, I think this finale was very poorly done, especially when you compare it to other k-dramas. I do believe that the writers could have found a better way to end DoDoSolSolLaLaSol. The series would have been significantly better if they had just cut the last 10-15 minutes of it. I love my HEAs, a lot, however this one was too much, too ridiculous, too abroad.

What did you think about the finale of this k-drama? What are your thoughts on the ending overall?

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*Feature photo credits: Netflix & KBS

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