K-Drama Review: Hello, me!

In between blogging and work, it seems that I started developing a new habit of watching K-drama series on Netflix together with my fam. Since I keep on binging on these oddly fascinating series, I thought that I should continue sharing my thoughts on some of these with you. It definitely makes me feel less guilty haha.

The series I wanted to talk to you about today is the new series on Netflix entitled Hello, me!

Hello, me! is a series that tells us the story of Ha-ni, a 37 year old whose life is in shambles. After struggling for almost two decades to make things work and to finally find her footing, she is just about ready to give it all up. Cue enter, her younger self (it is obviously not quite as straightforward, but I am trying really hard here to be mindful of any spoilers šŸ™‚ ).

Ha-ni’s 17 year old version is the opposite of her current self. Unlike her current version, the young Ha-ni had an outgoing personality and is the star of her school. As many teenagers in her situation, she believes that she is capable of everything and the choices she made at 17 changed the course of her life and turned her into the person we initially meet at 37 years old. Seeing how her life turned out, 17 years old Ha-ni is set on helping her older self get her life back on track.

You know how the story goes. This is not necessarily the first time we have seen such a plot. The most recent movie I have seen with a similar plot is Kristin’s Christmas past, however no matter how many time I watch something similar, it never gets old. The thought of meeting my older or younger self is pretty fascinating. A bit scary yes, but also quite fascinating.

The first I noticed about this series is that it had a much better rhythm than the previous one I watched aka DoDoSolSolLaLaSol. If I could not wait to get to the end of the previously mentioned show, I actually did not notice how fast I got through Hello, me! until I reached the end.

I found the characters quite likeable as well. My absolute favourite was Han You Hyun and all of his antics. He was funny, entertaining but also capable of stepping up when need be. The main characters though, both versions of Ha-ni were a bit annoying at some points throughout the series. However, unlike with other characters that I did not connect with in the past (see DoDoSolSolLaLaSol), there were positive aspects about each of them. The older Ha-ni showed great strength and character development in the end and the young Ha-ni, well she had her moments as well. Her superman moments were the best though!

The series overall did not capture my heard the way that Romance is a Bonus Book did, but it was entertaining and interesting to watch nonetheless.

While this show will be one I doubt I will fully rewatch, maybe some scenes here and there, it did made me wonder what I would tell my current self if I were 17 again, but also what I would tell my 17 years self knowing what I know now.

To 17 year old me: You will be fine.

To current me from my 17 year old self: I am proud of you.

I thought about this for a long time and while I could write pages, nothing matters more than the words I mentioned above. This was perhaps the best part of the show – it makes you ask yourself some important questions and reassess your life and your choices. While this feeling was as not quite as powerfully evoked by this particular series as it was by others, it was definitely welcomed.

If you want to watch Hello, me!, you should be able to find it on Netflix (country restrictions might apply).

Have you watched this series? What did you think about it?

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*Feature Photo Credits: Netflix & KBS

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