Why I will always be Team Logan Huntzberger

Logan Huntzberger is the boyfriend many members of Team Logan wish Rory would have ended up with. His charm, good looks, and wealth make him a prime candidate for any girl’s dream guy. He was witty, charming and even though he had his flaws, in the end, it seemed like he really loved Rory. Unfortunately, it appears that as time went on, we saw less and less of their relationship, but there were still plenty of moments when you could tell how much they cared about each other. Yes, even in the revival. Here are five reasons why I am always going to be team Logan Huntzberger:

Logan understood Rory’s ambition.

Logan understood Rory’s ambition and never tried to stand in her way. Unlike many of the other guys Rory dated, Logan never seemed threatened by her intelligence or ambition. On the contrary, he actually seemed to really admire it and was always supportive of her goals. Even when he made mistakes, he would try to make things right, even if at times in his own way. Rory needed that in her life.

Logan lived in a real-world world.

Logan lived in the real world. He didn’t live in the idyllic Stars Hallow like Rory. So while he might not have had to pay his bills all that often, especially while still at university, he did learn to adjust his perception based on the life he was living. He had to learn that all the things that other people might have to work hard for do come with expectations and that life is not a fairy tale no matter how big the castle you live in is.

Unfortunately, Rory never truly learned that things in life do not come free, not to the extent that we, regular folks, have anyways. This is one of the reasons why I firmly believe that Logan would have been a great lifelong partner and vice versa even. They balanced each other out. Logan would have helped Rory further settle into the life she was actually born in or at least taught her how to navigate it, while Rory could have provided Logan hope that things could be different, if not for him, for further generations.

Logan was always there for Rory.

Unlike Dean or Jess, Logan was always there for Rory when she needed him. Even if he wasn’t always vocal about it, his actions showed that he cared. He would drop everything to be there for her. Yes, even Jess understood this fact, but for Logan, it was a bit more natural despite the fact it shouldn’t have been given his background. They were the type of couple that always knew when they needed to be there for one another and could tell from a single glance whether or not their partner needed them there.

Logan was willing to change himself for Rory.

Even though Logan made plenty of mistakes during his time with Rory, the fact that he was willing to change himself for her is a testament to how much he loved her. Jess never really changed for Rory, and as we all know, it didn’t end well. Dean also made some changes, but they were more out of insecurity, whereas Logan was changing because he wanted to be a better partner for Rory. He wanted to be worthy of who Rory was and do his best to show her just how much he loved her.

Rory was the love of Logan’s life.

In the end, Rory was the love of Logan’s life. Yes, even in the revival. We may never truly know how things would have panned out if Logan hadn’t broken up with Rory that fateful day, but I am certain that he loved her then and still loves her now. Even when Rory told him she couldn’t see him anymore, you could tell that Logan was still in love with her. That is what love truly is about; it transcends time, space, and relationships because if you truly care for someone, then it will always be there. No matter what.

I know that you might have some doubts, particularly about this last bit, as the revival did not help matters. I do believe that Logan loved Rory, and that is why he allowed that nonsense relationship to continue. If he hadn’t, he never would have shown up in Stars Hallow to have a proper goodbye for one. The difference is that Logan knew what was expected of him; he had known since birth. He tried stepping away from his family, but back then, he did it because he had a reason to – Rory. We all know how that turned out – he got burnt. In the revival, I feel like he did hope he would once again have a reason, except Rory never came out and outright said it. Why implode his life then? Better settle with the few good memories he got and continue to focus on the job he loved and excelled in even if his personal life was not he would have picked for himself, but at the same time, one that he had known he would have to accept since birth.

Logan is the person Rory should have ended up with

Yes, Logan made plenty of mistakes, but they were often out of selfishness and immaturity. The type of mistakes we can all relate to as we perhaps often made during our late teens and early twenties. Rory represented everything good in Logan, and despite his shortcomings, I believe that Logan was the person Rory should have ended up with. They balanced each other out and provided one another with what they needed most in life. And let’s be honest, Logan is a total babe.

So there you have it. I am team Logan 100%. And you know what? I think if given a chance, he would most likely be on board with that too.

Are you team Logan? Why/why not?

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